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Efficiency is essential for a solar water pumping system. Efficiency ultimately defines how much water the system will pump with the available power. With solar power (PV modules) then you are making a capital investment in your power source. With an efficient system youeither spend less for the same amount of water or get more water from the same power source.

Advanced Brushless DC motor

AQUARPUMP designed brushless and sensorless DC motor. This unique design has been selected for its very high efficiency across a wide load range. The BLDC motor is perfectly suited to the solar water pumping application as efficiency is main tained even at times when only low power levels can be yielded from solar modules. Under real working conditions, the BLDC motor is similar sized AC motors with 91% average day efficiency compared to 53% for the AC motor. It achieved this by having a 50% better peak efficiency than AC motors and a broadly flat efficiency curve from 20% to 120% load (speed).

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